What is Cloud Security?

Fahri Korkmaz
2 min readJul 1, 2023

First of all, what is the cloud anyway? The cloud is a model for delivering and accessing IT resources and applications over the Internet. Instead of being delivered locally on a single computer or local network, data and applications are delivered to a centralized environment called the cloud. Users can access IT resources and applications over the Internet without installing or storing them on their own computers.

Cloud security thus refers to the measures taken to ensure the security of data, applications, and infrastructures in cloud computing environments. This includes measures such as monitoring networks and data, controlling access, encrypting sensitive data, conducting reviews and audits, and responding to security incidents. The goals of cloud security are to prevent data loss and leakage, protect against attacks, and maintain the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of data.

To work in cloud security, the following skills are typically required:

  1. Deep understanding of networks and security technologies: Understanding how networks work and the various security technologies is essential for cloud security.
  2. Knowledge of cloud technology: knowledge of the various cloud platforms and their architecture, as well as their security requirements and measures, is essential.
  3. Experience in dealing with compliance and regulations: It is important to have knowledge in the various compliance and regulatory requirements for cloud services and data.
  4. Knowledge of data privacy and data security: it is important to have knowledge of the various data privacy and data security regulations in order to be successful in cloud security.
  5. Ability to analyze and assess risk: an important skill in cloud security is the ability to identify and assess risks and take appropriate action.