What does a MALWARE ANALYST do?

Are you interested in Ransomware, Trojans and Bots? Do you want to know how Malware operates? Then you should become a Malware Analyst!


A Malware Analyst analyzes Malware to develop better detection rules. He can also be deployed during a Incident Response process, in order to identify Tools, Techniques and Procedures of the malware and give Incident Responder valuable Threat Intelligence.

Skills needed

If you want to become a Malware Analyst, then you should learn the following skills:

  • You should know about Networks and Operating System. You should especially understand how operating systems execute programs
  • You should have coding skills, especially in reading Code
  • You should have knowledge in Static and Dynamic Malware Analysis
  • Also you need knowledge in technical documentation and presentation


As a malware analyst you can work in almost any industry you want. You can be part of an Incident Response Team, work in a SOC, as a Freelancer or in Research. The average salary for a Malware Analyst in the United States is 165,000$ per year.

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