On Thursday, February 24, 2022, Europe shakes. The whole world — horrified. A new phase begins. The world in which we live, as we perceive it, changes. Because a new war begins. In the middle of Europe.

The Beginning

A month and a half before the war begins in the real world, Russia is already waging a cyber war against Ukraine. On January 14, 20222, Russian hackers cripple over 70 Ukrainian government websites.


The cyber war has been active for almost two months now. In March, thousands of Russian residents receive an SMS. The message says that their media is being censored. That the Kremlin is lying. And that you get the truth via Telegram. And that people should overthrow dictator Putin.


Already in the first week of April, April 3, Anonymous publishes personal information of 120,000 Russian soldiers stationed in Ukraine. They post the link to the data on Twitter.


Unfortunately, the war between Russia and Ukraine is not over yet. Businesses, government agencies, NGOs and critical infrastructure are still exposed to the dangers of cyber war.




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