F-Droid Apps Reference

A collection of useful apps, that can be downloaded from F-Droid. This means they are Open Source Apps and can replace your proprietary software. Reclaim your freedom! :)


  • VLC-Player: Media Player for Audio and Video
  • Antennapod: Podcast Player
  • RadioDroid: Internet Radio
  • Soundrecorder: Sound Recorder :)
  • ScreenCam: Screenrecorder
  • Imagepipe: Edit Images, Remove Metadata
  • Scrambled Exif: Remove Metadata
  • MuPDF: Light Weight Document Viewer for PDF Documents


  • Fennec: Firefox without proprietary Software (e.g. Pocket)
  • Bromite: Chromium fork with ad blocking and privacy enhancement
  • Tor Browser: Browsing through Tor Network
  • Orbot: VPN through Tor Network
  • SimpleSearch: Search Widget, like from Google Search

Privacy & Security

  • Blokada: Ad Blocker
  • Netguard: Firewall
  • Exodus: Display trackers and permissions of other apps. Needs internet connection
  • Classyshark3xodus: Displays trackers and permission of other apps. Does not need Internet connection
  • Wi-Fi Privacy Police: Prevents your phone of leaking sensitive data over Wifi
  • KeepassDX: Password Manager
  • AndOTP: 2FA App
  • Aegis: 2FA App


  • K-9 Mail: Email Client
  • FairEmail: Email Client
  • Tutanota: Email Client for Tutanota Mail Service
  • DeltaChat: Decentral chatting App, that uses Email infrastructure
  • Jitsi Meet: Video Chat, like Zoom

Social Media / Wrapper Apps

  • FaceSlim: Facebook Wrapper
  • Slim Social: Twitter Wrapper
  • InstraGrabber: View and Download Public posts
  • NewPipe: Youtube Wrapper, Soundcloud Wrapper …
  • Tusky: Mastodon Wrapper
  • WebApps: Sandbox for Web Apps


  • FitoTrack: Fitness Tracker for Jogging, Biking, Inline Skating
  • OpenFoodFacts: Scan Barcodes of Food
  • My Expenses: Personal finance manager
  • MoneyWallet: Personal finance manager with multiple accounts
  • Loop Habit Tracker: Track your habits

Useful Apps

  • Unit Converter Ultimate: Unit Converter
  • Simple Flashlight: Flashlight App
  • Survival Manual: Manual that contains survival guides, e.g. how to make a fire

Traffic, Maps and Navigation

  • Öffi: Public Transport Information in Germany
  • Osmand: Map App that uses Open Street Map. Includes Car, Bike and Pedestrian Roads
  • Transportr: Map App and shows public transport

Sytem Apps

  • AnySoftKeyboard: Keyboard that does not use the Internet
  • Simple Mobile Tools: Calender, Contacts, Photo Gallery…


  • Open Sudoku


  • Wikipedia
  • Kiwix: Download Wikipedia Articles to specific topics


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